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Stefan Steinmetz (1859-1930) was already an eighth-generation miller and mill engineer. But he knew that changes had to be made in the way grain is processed. He could tell that grain is, in my ways, far more contaminated than can be seen with the naked eye, and that this can result in many diseases.

For him it was about far more than making delicious bread. He wanted to revolutionise the production and quality of food. His vision was especially good products and the pure love of bread, free from contamination – even then he expected a world that would live on a vegetarian diet.

Stefan Steinmetz is considered one of the most visionary dietary reformers of the Wilhelmine Empire. He left behind a unified concept and the oldest bread brand in Germany: “STEINMETZ”.

Stefan Steinmetz
He recorded his thoughts and visions, his worldview and his values, in many texts, books, and commentaries. Considering the zeitgeist of the time they give us the values that we hold today and which we strive toward with the STEINMETZ brand. We never lose sight of the quality of our products, their unmistakable flavour, and the health of our customers.
His objective was to conceive a gentle, mechanical process for removing the contaminated, non-nutritious layer of filth from the grain without damaging the germ bud and the vitamin-rich surrounding layers. In doing so he wanted to put the natural flavour of the whole-grain in centre-stage and propagate the healthy consumption of bread.
The result is the Steinmetz process, patented in 1892, with which the grain is cleaned in an entirely natural manner. This process that Steinmetz thought up essentially entails the removal of the outermost, dirty layer while the valuable grain, with all of its vitamins and minerals, is preserved. Additional patents followed between 1892 and 1930.
Pure grain was not enough for him. At the same time he was a real “marketing man”, because he created Germany’s oldest bread brand with which he made it possible for consumers to directly enjoy his unique flour and whole-grain. With great foresight he conceived products that positioned themselves as the clear go-to brand in Germany and Switzerland for their baking moulds and sleeves.
He is considered one of the most visionary dietary reformers of the Wilhelmine Empire. Throughout his many travels he became acquainted with traveling companions and eventual friends. Together they conceived ideas and products like Bircher muesli, Kneipp’s Schroth cure, and of course many Steinmetz breads and other products from our flours.

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